Who’s Behind GGW?

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Girls Gone Wealthy is a labor of love from the two of us– sisters, best friends, personal advisors to one another, and each other’s biggest fan.  Our goal of this blog project is simple: to educate ourselves and other women about the world of finance and to make smart decisions for a lifetime of financial freedom.  We encourage you to get to know us and to contribute your own thoughts and pieces of financial advice on this blog as well.


What you should know: Katelynn helped build and develop Chic Event Rentals, a multi-million dollar event rental company in Northern California. While Katelynn was co-head of the company, Chic became the premier vendor of choice for many of the most recognized events in the Monterey Peninsula, as well as grew revenue by over 300%. Prior to joining Chic, she worked as a tax accountant at Grant Thornton. Katelynn is a CPA and graduated magna cum laude from the University of San Diego with a BS in Accounting.

What you want to know: Katelynn loves travel and girl’s weekends, craves chocolate oatmeal cookies, takes spin class at the gym, only enjoys cooking with friends or for dinner parties, dreams of owning several small business ventures and owning an apartment in the city, believes life feels more put together when your finger nails are painted, can’t pass up a good sale, is learning how not to take no for an answer, and believes no matter the occasion there should always be champagne.


What you should know: Kristen works as an Investments Associate at Citi Private Bank where she constructs and analyzes investment portfolios for high net worth individuals and family offices. Before joining the investments team, she was a member of the Analytics Lab, creating customized solutions to unique client situations. Kristen graduated honors from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley.

What you want to know: Kristen can be found trying recipes from her Miette cookbook, could live off of pizza and chocolate, likes pink, likes to get her way, is a planner extraordinaire, makes her bed every morning, scours Eater38 and other food articles and loves trying new restaurants, works out hard (you should see her abs), loves sunshine and warm weather, and dreams of traveling to South East Asia, owning her own home and having a collection of patent leather Jimmy Choos.

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