Calling all College Students, Teachers, and Administrators!

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July 10, 2012 by girlsgonewealthy

You may be a starving student (or teacher) – but it doesn’t mean you have to look like one.

Many people are probably missing out on student, teacher, and administrator discounts simply because they don’t know about them. Stores do not hang signs that promote the ongoing discount to select groups of people, which is why you should ALWAYS carry around your student or teacher ID, and ASK for if a store, restaurant, movie theater, museum, whatever offers a discount… I bet you end up with a pretty high success rate. If not, you probably made the sales clerk feel bad for working at a place where they don’t work for the benefit of teachers and students. Win-win. Below is a short list of some of our favorite stores offering student and/or teacher discounts.

  • J. Crew: 15% off full priced items for teachers and college students (in-store purchases only with an ID).
  • Club Monaco: 20% off full price and sale items for college students (must show an ID). You can also get this discount online by putting in your college email address (very cool)
  • Ann Taylor: 20% off full priced items (in-store purchases only and you must have your ID on you)
  • Madewell: college students, professors, and administrative staff receive a 15% discount (with a valid school ID)
  • Juicy Couture: 15% off in-store purchases (with your student ID)
  • Banana Republic: students and teachers get 15% off full-priced purchases (with an ID, in-store only)

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